SqlBrowserFX is an easy to use, feature rich cross platform sql client written in java.

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A Short Story

I was always fascinated by tools made by developers for developers, so I decided to test if I can make one on my own :). I started my career as a Java developer and was constantly exposed to APIs, database operations, and SQL. As a junior Java developer, I found that the database tools were too stiff and complex for my taste. I only wanted to connect and run some SQL queries or inspect some data with a simple and beautiful UI along with some handy tools. I started building SqlbrowserFX for fun to address my problem, and here it is today, almost 5 years old! I hope you find this tool useful and enjoyable; I know I do!


  • Manage data (insert, update, delete) via GUI.
  • Execute raw SQL queries.
  • Editor for SQL with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, refactoring features.
  • Support for SQL, Java files editing via drag and drop.
  • Adjustable responsive UI supporting multiple code areas and tables opened simultaneously.
  • Graphical representation of database as tree.
  • Graphical representation of database as diagram.
  • Exposure of database to the web as RESTful service with one click.
  • Import, export CSV files.
  • Queries History.
  • Savable queries.
  • Cross-platform.
  • CSS themable (Dark, Light, etc.).
  • Generation of simple diagram for database's tables.
  • Support for SQLite.
  • Support for MySQL, MariaDB.
  • Basic support for PostgreSQL (Beta).
  • Basic support for Sql Server (Beta).

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SqlbrowserFX is available for linux, windows and any other platform that can run java :)

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If you have any question about SqlbrowserFX, or you want to know how to contribute to the project, do not hesitate to contact me by using the form below!